Software Updates
23.007.10 25 November 2013
Save Plan As Functionality Added
In addition to being able to build a new plan using an existing plan as a Template, it is now possible to 'Save a Plan As' a new plan at any point whilst working on a Plan.
22.001.07 20 July 2012
Added Drawdown to Personal Pensions
The Personal Pension Cashflow type now has a separate line to accommodate Pension Drawdown.
Fixed Bug in Personal Pensions
The Basic Rate Tax Credit on Personal Pension Plan contributions was crediting an additional month in the month following the cessation of making Contributions. This has been fixed.
Fixed Issue in Complex Cashflows
In a Plan containing multiple Complex Cashflows which also had sub-lines with Cease dates on them, an issue could cause other complex Cashflows in the plan to cease at the incorrect date. This has been fixed.
Fixed Issue Resetting to Defaults
When attempting to delete a sub part of a complex Cashflow which can not be deleted because it is a mandatory part of the Cashflow, the system offers the option to reset the Cashflow to default values. For some Cashflows this was resulting in duplicate but orphaned transactions being left in the system. This is now fixed.
Improved Error Messaging
When adding a new Cashflow in to a plan and the addition failing, the error message displayed was unhelpful. The reason for being unable to add a particular new Cashflow is now explained to the user.
Improved Error Messaging
When trying to delete a Cashflow which was crucial to the Plan and therefore could not be deleted, the error message was previously unhelpful. This has now been corrected.
Improved Speed of Loading Plans
The speed of loading plans which have previously deleted lines has been improved.
21.203.02 16 March 2012
Fixed Issue Importing Pensions
When importing from Fact Find, a personal pension with no personal or employer contributions would generate an error and cause the import to fail. This has now been rectified.
21.201.00 13 February 2012
Fixed 'Invalid Procedure Call' error
If an unused index was deleted in the Indicies screen and then the plan saved, this error would occur the next time the plan was loaded up. This has been fixed.
21.011.03 16 December 2011
Fixed problem with Saving Plans
Cash Flow plans could not be saved in software version This problem has now been rectified.
21.009.01 21 October 2011
Fixed issue on Fact Find Import
An 'item not found' error would occur when importing an Interest Only Mortgage from the Fact Find
21.008.03 16 September 2011
Changed default in Defined Benefit Pensions
In the Tax Free Lump Sum section of Defined Benefit Pensions, the default value is now '3/80ths'. It was previously blank.
Fixed Issue when saving new CashFlow
If a new Cashflow line had a reference to itself it would validate correctly during input but fail to validate correctly when saving the new line into the plan. In effect it was only possible to create a reference to a previously saved Cashflow line. This has been rectified.
Fixed issue with blank Accrual Rate
If the Accrual Rate for a Tax Free Lump sum in a defined benefit pension was blank it was not possible to create a report without an error occurring. This has been rectified.
Fixed issue with Cash Flow Type selection
If a 'Null' Cash Flow type was selected an 'Invalid Use of Null' error would occur. This has been fixed.
Fixed issue with entering some Start Dates
If a start date for a withdrawal or a transfer was set to a month prior to the start of a plan the withdrawal/transfer would never actually commence.
Fixed issue with Tax Cash Flows
When a Tax Cash Flow is entered the system checks to ensure only one tax computation is done for each type of tax. This check could produce an 'Invalid Use of Null' error which has been rectified.
Make all multiplication commutative
Previously [Current Value] * 5.000% would work but 5.000% * [Current Value] would fail saying that the currency was incorrect. This has been rectified.
20.010.02 18 March 2011
Fixed Issue Importing Life Policies from Fact Find
When importing Life Policies from Fact Find, an error would occur if the policy has Family Income Benefit, but no age to apply this income to. This error has now been resolved but the policy will only import provided that the 'Paid To Age' is non zero.
Fixed Issue Importing Pensions from Fact Find
Import from Fact Find will now import pensions that have a current value of zero
Fixed Issue Importing Pensions from Fact Find
When importing Pension policies from Fact Find an error would occur if Client and Partner salaries have not been entered under Main Employment. This has now been resolved but for full details in Lifestyle these fields should be filled in.
Fixed Issue Importing Policies from Fact Find
Fixed inconsistencies associated with determining whether a policy should be imported into Lifestyle.
20.009.14 17 February 2011
Fixed bug with Waiver of Premium
Waiver of Premium claims weren't appearing correctly in the Plan for certain policy types. This has now been resolved.
Fixed Issue with Importing Pensions
Importing of pensions from Fact Find now takes into account the retirement date for annuities.
Fixed issue with Occupational Defined Benefit
Import from Fact Find now imports the interest rate for Pension Benefit on Occupational Defined Pension policies
Improved Cashflow referencing
References can now be forced to be the Type of Cashflow rather than defaulting to look for a matching description. Curly brackets {} are used to distinguish this new type of reference.
Improved referencing in imported Fact Finds
When importing a Fact Find into Lifestyle the referencing no longer references Cashflows by their Policy number. Instead the referencing is via the Cashflow type. This makes editing importing Cashflow plans easier.
Improved Speed of Export/Autosave
The Export and Autosave function both create a file saving the Cashflow plan. The time taken to save a large plan was excessive so this has been improved.
Improved Speed of Import from Essential routines
The 'Import From Fact Find' and other Import routines have been improved so they run more quickly.
20.009.04 24 January 2011
Fixed bug in Defined Benefits Pensions
For some employment dates, the calculation of Pensionable salary was producing the error 'Subscript out of range', preventing a Cashflow from being calculated. This has been rectified.
Fixed bug when deleting Cease account.
Some Cashflows require a cease account to be specified. In the case of Pensions a Cease account is required but Adviser Lifestyle was not properly checking that a Cease account had been provided. Therefore if the Cease account was deleted an error would occur.
Fixed issue - not importing zero value Pensions
If a Pension policy had a zero fund value it would not be imported by the Fact Find Import Routine. This has been resolved.
Fixed issue when importing pensions
When importing pensions from Fact Find, if the contribution escalation rate was blank an error would occur and the Plan would not be imported. This has now been resolved.
Fixed issue with importing Cashflow descriptions
Now imports pensions where the policy number has a space followed by a bracket.
Fixed Issue with importing mortgages
Fixed the issue which stopped the import of jointly owned mortgage.
Fixed issue with Tax treatment of Pensions
The tax computation was treating all pension contributions as if they had received basic rate tax relief at source. The computation has been corrected so that non Personal Pension type contracts are now treated correctly.
Savings Cashflow error if no account selected
If a Savings Cashflow was entered the default Savings account was blank. If it was left this way funds would be withdrawn from the source account but would not go to any account. This error was then picked up as an 'Integrity Check' error. The problem has now been fixed by ensuring that a savings account must always be selected.
20.004.02 27 September 2010
Fixed error when importing pensions
Fixed error when importing occupational defined benefit pensions with a Leaving Salary
Fixed issue inputting Cashflows
When inputting a complex cashflow occasionally an error would occur when moving between elements
Improved Partner Import
Orphaned partner details in Essential are no longer imported into Adviser Lifestyle
Improved State Pension Import
Improved the import feature of state pensions from Fact Find Income Page in Essential
Updated Help Text
Added articles concerning start/finish months and occupation defined benefit pensions
20.003.08 09 September 2010
Corrected issue with calculating depreciation
Negative Capital Gain (ie depreciation) was not being calculated for the Possession Cashflow type.
Corrected spelling mistake
Corrected in the Cashflow explanation.
Fixed error in reporting
In exceptional circumstances an 'Invalid procedure call or argument' error would occur during creation of the output reports
Fixed error on initial install
If an existing user of Adviser Essential installs the Adviser Lifestyle module, the following error may occur when first running Adviser Lifestyle 'Could not find the file JCSCPT.MDB'. This has now been rectified to ensure the correct file is installed to the correct location.
Fixed error on main Cashflow screen
Fixed 'You can't hide a control that has the focus' error occasionally occurring on the main cashflow screen.
Fixed error upgrading Adviser Lifestyle install
When upgrading to a newer version of Adviser Lifestyle, some users that have had JCS installed for many years may encounter the error 'Error Copying Standard Document Files'. This has now been resolved.
Fixed error upgrading to version 20.003.04
Attempting to upgrade to version 20.003.04, some users may encounter the error 'Error Copying Lifestyle Report Templates'. This has now been resolved.
Fixed issue with empty drop down list
For some Cashflows the dropdown for selecting which account yields were paid to was not populated, meaning that a selection of a different account could not be made.
Fixed issue with Fact Find Import
When Importing from Fact Find, Defined Benefits Plans could cause a 'Calculation failed because the expression [Main Employment] could not be fully resolved' warning message. This has been resolved.
Fixed issue with importing assets from Essential
Some items in Property and Other Assets were not importing in their entirety, this is now resolved
Fixed pension import
Activated Owner Death Scenario for pensions when importing from Essential
Fixed terminology discrepancy
In the Defined Benefit cashflow the term 'Normal Retirement Age' has been replaced with 'Earliest Retirement Age' to be consistent with Adviser Essential. In both cases this is the youngest age where no Early Retirement Penalty would be applied.
Improved policy import
Import from Essential now retains the historic commencement dates of policies
Warning Message Improved
When creating or exporting a template the message has been improved to make it clear that personal details should not be included in templates.
19.102.01 16 April 2010
Fixed issue when adding new Cashflow lines
Version 19.101.03 14 April 2010 introduced a problem which could prevent users from adding new Cash Flow lines to a Plan. This has been corrected.
19.101.03 14 April 2010
Changed default views.
All templates and Transfers now default to 'Full Description' and 'Inputs Only' to take advantage of the speed improvements in this release.
Improved Calculation Speed
Internal calculations made to improve the display speed and also to improve Tax Calculation speed.
19.101.01 12 April 2010
Corrected Error in Event/Date handling
If a Date was entered as (Client Death], this would cause Lifestyle to crash. This now correctly reports an error explaining why this is not allowed.
Error in listing Assets/Liabilities in reports.
The Assets and liabilities lists in reports were showing in incorrect order resulting in mixing Assets with Liabilities.
Error transferring PHI policies from Fact Find
PHI policies were coming through with incorrect default values. This has been corrected.
Fixed Overflow Error
Creating a Pie Chart would sometimes trigger an overflow error. This has now been fixed.
Improved Error Reporting
When loading a Plan, any errors were reported in an unhelpful way and would leave the plan partially loaded. This has been corrected.
Improved Graphs in Reports
Graphs in reports now show with a white background rather than the blue used on screen. This gives clearer printed reports.
19.100.08 07 April 2010
Fixed Issue when transferring from Fact Find
Where non specific assets had been entered in JCS (ie not in the Portfolio), the Income would be double counted when the Fact Find was transferred to Adviser Lifestyle because income would have been manually input separately on the income page in Adviser Essential. This has been rectified by leaving the Income as a separate cashflow line in Adviser Lifestyle, while the asset now has its yield set to zero (which avoids the double counting).
Fixed issue with Tax Computations
Allowances and Tax bands in future years were not increasing as specified in the Plan
Fixed misleading error message.
When transferring data from a JCS Fact Find, the transfer would fail with the message 'Client Date of Birth has not been entered …..' when in fact it was the Client Sex which was missing. The error message has been updated to reflect this.
Improved Right Mouse Click behaviour
Right Clicking on the Cash flows screen was not highlighting the appropriate line.