New Features
25.000.01 30 March 2015
Added 2015/16 Tax Rates (Budget April 2015)
Tax Rates, Bands and Allowances have been updated for Tax Year 2015/16. This includes the introduction of the transferrable tax allowance for married couples.
23.104.05 24 March 2014
Added 2014/15 Tax Rates (Budget April 2014)
Tax Rates, Bands and Allowances have been updated for Tax Year 2014/15. This update includes the interim changes to Pensions for 2014/15 (ie 150% of GAD drawdown, etc), but does not include the removal of drawdown limits announced for 2015/16 as these changes are subject to consultation.
22.000.00 20 April 2012
Added 2012/13 Tax Rates (Budget April 2012)
21.008.03 16 September 2011
Graphing window is now resizeable
The Window which allows graphs to be viewed and produced on screen has been improved to allow it to be resized and maximised. This makes the viewing of complex graphs better, particularly if a large screen is available.
Improved self referencing of Cashflows
It is now possible to use [Balance] and [Monthly Balance] to self reference the balance of a Cashflow without having to use a reference to its description or Cashflow Type.
Simplify input of drawdown withdrawals
It is now acceptable to enter simply a percentage for withdrawals or other amounts. This is equivalent to entering [Monthly Balance] * x% and takes a percentage of each months Balance as the value used.
Start date for withdrawals can now be left blank
Previously leaving a Start Month for withdrawals would mean the withdrawals were never taken. Now a blank Start Month for withdrawals has the same behaviour as a blank Start Month for the cash flow as a whole.
21.003.01 15 April 2011
Added 2011/12 Tax Rates (Budget April 2011)
Tax Rates, Bands and Allowances updated for Tax Year 2011/12. Includes removal of Maximum List Price for motor cars and revision of car Benefit in Kind based on newly defined fuel types.
20.009.14 17 February 2011
Improved Import of Pensions from Fact Find
Import from Fact Find will now notify users when Retirement Planning indices are set to zero
Simplified entering % values
When entering values in complex Cash Flows it is now possible to simply enter a percentage value. This is interpreted as being a percentage of the value of the Complex Cash Flow, rather than having to reference the value explicitly.
20.009.04 24 January 2011
Speed improvements when Importing from Fact Find
The Import routines have been modified to improve their performance.
20.003.04 03 September 2010
Added support for import of Pensions
Pension details for a client can now be imported from Fact Find into Lifestyle.
Added support for Pension cashflow types.
Full support for pension cashflow types has now been added to Lifestyle.
Enhanced the Report Output
The report output from Lifestyle has been enhanced to be similar to the Profile Report output from Essential, and to include more information pertinent to the plan.
19.101.01 12 April 2010
Added 'Owner' events for Joint Cashflows
Using eg. [Owner Death] on a Joint Cashflow will now automatically interpret this as EarlierOf([Client Death],[Partner Death]) ie. it will be first death. This is an extension to the existing use of 'Owner' in events (Pseudo events)
Added ability to Copy graphs to other applications
Left clicking on a Graph allows the user to copy the Graph to the clipboard and then subsequently paste it into any other application.
19.100.08 07 April 2010
Added use of 'Owner' based events.
Pseudo Events containing the word 'Owner' will automatically identify the correct actual Event (ie 'Client…' or 'Partner…'). This makes re-use of template much easier and more convenient.
Easier viewing a Tax Computations
Right clicking on a tax cash flow now allows an Analysis (tax computation) of that Cash Flow to be viewed.
19.100.07 31 March 2010
Product Launched
The Cashflow solution that seamlessly integrates with Adviser Essential.