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Adviser Lifestyle is our ground breaking next generation cashflow modelling tool. It offers so much more than the 'lifetime only' cashflow products available on the market. 

We've approached this requirement from a different perspective as our core financial planning module "Profiler" delivers sufficient functionality for most IFA's, but Adviser Lifestyle enables you to model any kind of cashflow forecast requirement, which means the only limitation is your imagination.  

If you're the kind of person that needs to see more detail and looking for a solution that can deliver the most powerful analysis in the industry, then Adviser Lifestyle is for you. 

  • Adviser Lifestyle seamlessly integrates with Adviser Professional and
    Adviser Elite
  • Populate a cashflow projection from existing Fact Find data in the 
    Administration module and eliminate the need to rekey information
  • Produce a single path short-term plan or a complete lifetime cashflow
  • Project multiple event and outcome scenarios

Plus so much more.. 


2 hours of FREE Online Training
with every Adviser Lifestyle installation!




NOTE: Only the integrated version of Adviser Lifestyle is available at
this time. The stand alone product will be available at a later date.


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